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Study Buddy

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Lovely fruit notes take the edge of 'Wide-Eye-Mate';. Finishes with a lovely Provence rosemary. Straight A's!

Tea lovers, rejoice. We’ve got you covered no matter what your study needs are.

A fresh, refreshing blend of green tea and black tea with rosemary. The delightful aroma will wake you up to start your day, while the delicious taste is sure to keep you awake. The perfect partner for late night study sessions!

Experience a cup of tea with exotic fruit notes and refreshing, astringent rosemary. This herbal drink has five antioxidants to help get you through your homework and get great grades.

Study buddy tea is a wonderful blend of the best ingredients to help you maximize your time spent studying. It has lovely notes of apple pieces, hibiscus petals, green mate leaves, rosehip pieces, rosemary leaves, and natural flavors (organic compliant). This caffeine free power house will keep you feeling sharp and focused until the final word is typed. Enjoy!

Luxury Ingredients: Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Green Mate leaves, Rosehip pieces, Rosemary leaves, Natural flavors
(organic compliant).