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High elevation Ceylon Black Tea with a twist of Lemon Peel and Australian Lemon Verbena. Naturally refreshing. Serve hot or cold.

The natural flavors of highland Ceylon teas are truly captivating. Our Lemon Ver-bena is a delightfully refreshing blend of high grown, full leaf grade 1 Ceylon teas blended with a twist of lemon peel and Australian lemon verbena. The result is a naturally refreshing cup that can be enjoyed hot or ice cold.

The blended extract of lemon peel and sparkling verbena has a delightful and vibrant flavor, perfect for the tea connoisseur. It's great paired with baked goods and it's lovely in hot infused tea.

The refreshing aroma of Verbena mingles perfectly with the sharp taste of lemons. The result is an infusion of vibrant, citrusy flavour. It's sweet, tart and always distinctly Tealish

DAILY USE: 2-4 teaspoons per cupful. Use filtered or spring water and infuse for 2 minutes to allow the flavour to develop. Sweeten if desired

Ingredients: High elevation Ceylon Black Tea, Lemon Peel, and Australian Lemon Verbena, Contains Caffeine

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