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Lady Kay (Lady Hannah whole fruit)

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Bold, bright berry flavor with soothing strawberry and blackberry highlights.

Lady Kay's reflection is nature's full-circle journey. It's the simple, perfect cycle of life. The delicate flavor palate begins with a strawberry infusion to ensure a smooth opening. Berry blossoms are balanced by the brightness of blackberry and raspberry infusions, making this blend light and bright. Lady Kay captures the essence of spring in each cup.

Each sip of Lady Kay leads with a bold burst of strawberry flavor that's softened by sweet hints of blackberry. The result is a tea with a clean, bright taste and a lingering fruitiness to leave you wanting more.

This is a tea which contains no caffeine, making it suitable for anytime drinking.

Lady Kay is designed for the modern tea drinker. Refreshing, bold flavors that pair well with your busy lifestyle and never compromise on taste. Lady Kay's fine black and green teas and fruit and herbal infusions offer bold flavor and smooth sweetness, making it easy to relax and enjoy a cup of tea today.

Luxury Ingredients: Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Papaya + Blackberry +

Strawberry + Raspberry pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant)