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Japanese D Industrial grade Matcha

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Smooth with subtle hints of vegetative sweetness.

Our Japanese D matcha is considered among the best in industry and is known for it's smooth, vegetative sweetness. Our luxury green tea is grown in the rich soil of Shizuoka and Kyoto and harvested in early Spring when the plants and shrubs are at their prime.

Japanese D is a super high-grade Matcha powder made by the hands of Japanese masters. The finely milled leaves make it smooth and creamy. Also, this matcha contains a high level of chlorophyll and amino acids, making it an energy-giving and nourishing drink perfect for use in tea ceremonies.

Matcha is known to promote relaxation, clear the mind, and provides mental clarity for your greatest ideas to become reality.

With an unparalleled quality, our matcha is perfect for both hot and iced drinks. Our modern matcha is made with the highest grade green tea leaves in Japan, with a delicate vegetative sweetness that can be enjoyed straight or mixed into lattes, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, and more. Note: For best flavor, use within two months of opening.

Green tea has been a symbol of purity and health for centuries. Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of premium matcha at a fraction of the price. Here’s to your health!

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea