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Ginger Green Tea

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Exceptional, High Antioxidant green tea flavor with sweet ginger finish.

Just like a walk through a tea estate in the middle of a Bangkok ginger market. (If one existed!)

Wake up with some zing! Ginger, ginger, some more ginger! This full-bodied release is naturally sweetened with organic agave nectar. Our purest green tea is only plucked once every 20 days to ensure the freshness and flavor of our Green Tea High Antioxidants. Enjoy this delicious new blend'oh ginger!

The combination of the earthy tea and vibrant ginger will lighten your step. This delicious green tea is bursting with sweet flavor and a hint of ginger, just like a walk through a ginger garden on a breezy afternoon. 

Ginger Green Tea is a great thirst quencher and the fresh, sweet ginger finish leaves your mouth with a sensation of wonderland. One of our most popular flavors, Ginger Green Tea gets its distinct flavor from the generous amount of finely milled ginger root that's blended into this delicious green tea. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. This makes it an all-season beverage that will bring true happiness every day.

Great for fans of green teas and iced teas, the entire family will love this rich and full-bodied brew.  Shop our full range of regional and loose leaf teas and discover the best way to brew them at your home.

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Ginger, Calendula + Sunflower petals.