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English Breakfast Tea High Antiox (Antiox English Breakfast)

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Tea the way Britain intended  stout and robust with thick malty layers. A classic English Breakfast that takes milk exceptionally well.

English Breakfast is the quintessential morning drink. A robust blend containing some of the finest black teas from India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indonesia. High grown teas are blended with some of the best Indian Assams to produce a rich, full-bodied cup with layers of malt.

Set yourself up with the perfect breakfast daily by steeping a pot of Antiox English Breakfast Tea. Made from high-quality black whole-leaf teas to provide a rich, robust flavor that needs no sweetener or cream. A toasty blend that invites you to linger.

A great cup of tea is about more than just brewing it. It's also about the leaves themselves. That's why we created this refined blend, to be brewed bright and strong, for an intense cup that can stand up to milk or sugar.

Antiox is a patented process that enhances the flavor of tea. Our loose-leaf teas are carefully blended with this patented technology to create robust flavor profiles, which are released when the leaves are steeped in hot water.

Antiox English Breakfast is the uplifting robust tea you remember. Packed with malty goodness and subtle honey notes, this strong black tea is sure to revive your morning. Antiox leaves are specially selected to create a potent brew perfect for getting you up and at them in the morning.

Luxury Ingredients: Black tea