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Cranberry Apple

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Full flavored and pungent with a rich fruity character. Add a cinnamon stick or a few cloves for an exotic mulled
spice tea.

A warm and inviting taste, this cranberry apple tea combines the sweetness of cranberries with the light aroma and tart taste of apples. Water it down by adding more hot water for a flavorful, moderately sweet drink that's perfect any time of year. It's delicious hot or iced, and naturally caffeine-free—so you don't have to worry about being up all night.  Its unique flavor will be a welcome addition to any collection, and a convenient option when you want a wholesome beverage on the run.

This tea is a good choice for a 'cold day' when a hot cup of coffee just isn't going to cut it. It's nice, fresh and fruity flavor is reminiscent of cranberry sauce but without the sharpness of "real" cranberries. Many people describe this tea as being delicious with a splash of cream and a dash of sugar. The blend takes on a whole new dimension when graciously infused together with some mulling spices.

An exquisite blend of pure black tea and dried fruit, Cranberry Apple is a sparkling cup of deliciousness. Nature is at her most captivating in the sun-drenched days of summer. This delightful blend offers a subtle sweetness that is an invitation to bring pleasure into your world with each sip. Make a cup of Cranberry Apple Tea and take a moment to be present to whatever it is.

Luxury Ingredients: Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Elderberry + Cranberry pieces, Natural flavors (organic