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Our Story

Around the world tea is used as mechanism to increase calmness and bring peace. It is used to improve health, bring people together to connect on a social or spiritual level.

Our Motto

At Honeybee Tea we educate, empower, and bring the tea experience to our customers while listening and offering solutions that best meet their needs.”



From sleeping better at night to boosting your immune system, there are teas for it. We have teas to increase your energy, improve your digestive system and much much more. We work hard to bring education about the benefits of our tea blends to our customers by our "Drink Tea with me" weekly series on our social media platforms. 


We want to change the way people see tea. From your experience on our website, to your first cup of our tea and our award winning customer service, we want the whole experience to be empowering knowing you are getting the best quality every sip!

Real Tea, Real People, Real Results

We provide you with freshest tea and honey possible. We keep a close eye on our inventory. Most teas are only on our shelves only a few weeks. We process your orders within 24hrs. Every cup will be a memorable experience

I guaranTEA it!