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Kay & Tai


How I discovered my love for tea

It’s been nearly two decades since Khafilat developed a passion for fine teas. Khafilat, due to a medical condition was advised to seek other beverages to get daily caffeine fix.

As a mom of six, Khafilat turned to unhealthy high sugar content energy drinks to keep up with the daily demands of a large family.

The doctor said try tea!

That began her journey in the learning about tea, the different blends, health benefits, taste, and cultural history. This passion was shared with family and friends and before you know it, they kept asking for special blends and the rest is as they say history or well Herstory!

Meet Our Team

Today, HoneyBee Tea is really a family run business. We started it because we love drinking tea and wanted to share the benefits of healthy living with everyone. It’s always Tea Time! And there are many reasons why. Find them all on our website!


(Dad) is the President and strategic visionary for the company.


Tarik the first son is the sales and account manager.


Jamillah the first daughter is the brains behind the branding and various community initiatives, as a world athlete and leading female wrestler, she speaks to various groups and schools in the health benefits of each of our ingredients and living a healthy lifestyle. 


 Yasin is the warehouse manager ensuring that the tea is blended and packed fresh for every order. He ensures the quality is to expectation and the logistics from farm to your cup with all steps in between is meet with a high standard.

Anisa & Firdaus

Anisa and Firdaus keep track of the daily orders and invoices after school 

Baby Aayan

Aayan, baby of the family is the tester. He just drinks the tea.

We put love in every cup of tea,
because you’re worth every single sip... 

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