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How to make Matcha?

How to make Matcha?

You just cant get enough of the benefits of Matcha. From the very first sip you will decide to make it a morning routine ,to have a start with Matcha. It the best way to kick off your day and is highly refreshing.

If you are new to Matcha and have never tasted it then let me to do the honor to introduce you to this super tea which has loads of health benefits and it surpasses other teas with its beneficent qualities.

What's the number 1 difference between other teas and Matcha?

Other tea's leaves\powder is strained But for making Matcha you directly whisk the whole powder means that you consume all the benefits of the leaf directly. 

Following are the steps to make Matcha in the best way:

1.Take honeybeetea's Matcha ,add it in an empty bowl-pour some hot water into it ,the quantity of water should be very little as we are using it to mix the powder.

2.Whisk properly so that there are no clumps formed in the mixture

3.Pour some more hot water/Milk on top of it to your desired quantity for consuming.

4.Add a little honey or  any other sweetener -Voila you are done!

You can add different type of milk to it for getting the best flavor-coconut milk and almond milk are my top favorites with Matcha.

Go and make your Matcha now,Do tag us with your picture and let us know your magical recipe as well.

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