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We bring you love, TEA!

100% Organic and Fresh

Around the world tea is used as mechanism to increase calmness and bring peace. It is used to improve health, bring people together to connect on a social or spiritual level.

Real Tea, Real People, Real Results

We provide you with freshest tea and honey possible. We keep a close eye on our inventory. Most teas are only on our shelves only a few weeks. We process your orders within 24hrs. Every cup will be a memorable experience I guaranTEA it!“

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Honey Bee Tea is a hug in a mug!

There are so many reasons to smile today.. Here's one more. Here’s to cool mornings, warm nights, and larger-than-life memories. The perfect way to start your day, each and every day

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Tea has lots of antioxidants, which makes them perfect drinks to have by your side. Good teas cleanse and detoxify. They can also boost metabolism, reduce inflammation and aid in digestion and the reduction of body fat. You’ll be stunned by the versatility of tea. Whether you enjoy it hot or iced, with milk and sugar or served on its own, tea is something that can be enjoyed best any time of day.

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When in doubt, Drink Tea!

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Read Our Tea Blog

Health benefits of berry teas

Sep 21, 2021 Khafilat Adesokan-Balogun

Berry teas have been very popular these years. With a slower pace of life, people are now keen to healthier alternatives to regular drinks. Teas with berry extracts have a lot of benefits, including a lower risk of cancer and improved brain function.

How to make Matcha?

Sep 05, 2021 Khafilat Adesokan-Balogun

You just cant get enough of the benefits of Matcha. From the very first sip you will decide to make it a morning routine ,to have a start with Matcha. It the best way to kick off your day and is highly refreshing.

How to Brew Black Tea.

Aug 29, 2021 Khafilat Adesokan-Balogun

Currently, black tea makes up 90% of the tea sold and consumed in the United States. Loved for its robust flavor and versatility, black loose tea is an excellent eye-opener, comforting afternoon tea, and soothing thirst quencher. 

What our Customers say...

Emilie Frank


I enjoyed that very much!

Wow!! Thank you kay! Initially opening the tin, the aroma was an amazing blend of berries with an undertone I couldnt particularly identify, This smelled wonderful.
The smooth taste was so apparent, no additives were placed in the tea(honey, ginger etc.)
I plan on trying others you have,The Velvet Berry was a hit!  
Also a little went a long ways!!

Toni Isaac


The aroma of Lemon Verbena

I look forward to drinking my tea every morning and before sleeping at night. Just smelling the leaves before and after steeping – wonderfully fragrant! It's a really good tea. Will definitely purchase it again

Yomi O


The difference

I sure love to try out different blends of tea but there is something unique about the variants I got from honey bra teas.. they taste super fresh and have a wonderful blend. You need to get yourself hooked up on some honey bea tea ASAP! Loving it.

Matcha TEA

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All About Matcha

Matcha is a high-quality green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s made from stone-ground whole green tea leaves and requires special production processes to produce a fine powder that can be whisked into smooth water.


To make a smoothie, you'll need matcha green tea, yogurt, ice cubes, and a fruit or veggie. Blend them till smooth, then add honey if desired


Matcha? More like Make-CHA! How do you make your favorite Matcha blend? Try some amazing recipies with our Matcha tea

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